Selasa, 22 April 2014

WhatsApp Already Half Billion Users

WhatsApp instant messaging services announced it has successfully reached the number of active users as many as 500 million people .

That number , as reported by The Next Web , more 100 million of which was recorded in December 2013 .

In a short blog post , CEO of Whatsapp January Koum say that WhatsApp users now also use it to share photos of 700 million and 100 million videos each day .

" We can continue to mention ( achievement ) , but more importantly is now back to work . At WhatsApp , we 've just begun , " wrote Koum .

He continued that WhatsApp recorded the largest growth in developing countries and which has a large amount of the population , such as Brazil , India , Mexico , and Russia .

WhatsApp acquired by Facebook valued at 19 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 223 trillion in February . At that time, the instant messaging service has 465 million users .

Since then , WhatsApp spotlight about user privacy . Services had collapsed , causing small percentage of users switch to an alternative service , such as the Telegraph and Line .
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Shortly after the acquisition of Facebook , in March , Koum stated that the purchase will not affect the privacy of users in WhatsApp .



Senin, 21 April 2014

The search three Sherpa guides on Everest Postponed

Search for three Sherpa guides on Mount Everest , has been postponed for the time being . The delay , for reasons of thick snow . Avalanche that occurred on Friday ( 18/4 ) , 13 people have been killed by fellow ethnic Sherpa guides on Everest .

Quoted from BBC News , Sunday ( 20/4 ) , this event was the most deadly incident in one of the highest mountain peaks in the world . '' We have decided to stop the search ( the guide is still missing ) . We have been able to identify the location of the bodies . It's just that at this stage , we found it difficult to find them in the snow , '' said ministry official Dipendra Paudel culture and tourism , told AFP .

He explained , was the arrival times of avalanche on Everest could never suspected . The ethnic Sherpa guides are often to climb Everest . They are usually brought boxes and supplies climber needs to transfer to a higher point of camp .

The increasing number of tourists for some time too , has raised concerns about safety and environmental damage . Though next year , Nepal still plans to cut costs for those who want to make the climb .

In this season , the local government has issued licenses for as many as 334 foreign climbers . Figures climber was also increased , from numbering 328 people in the last year .

The increasing number of foreign climbers of Everest was no impact to the increasing number of guides who are always getting ready to help the climbers from various countries.
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Known , at least 250 climbers who have died on the mountain located on the border between Nepal and Tibet .



Encourage PPP Islah West Sumatra

Regional Chairman of the Governing Council of the United Development Party ( PPP ) opportunities for West Sumatra Suryadharma Ali to perform reconciliation . Therefore , the national leadership meeting forum led Romahurmuzy undertaken unilaterally to drop it . ( Read : Romi Claims Rapimnas Cancel Coalition PPP - Gerindra )

" Should the DPP as a leader must perform reconciliation so that the cadres under the fixed support , " said Secretary of West Sumatra branch of the PPP Amora Lubis to Tempo , Sunday , 20 April 2014 . However he declined to comment on the meeting that was held until the last night . ( read : Islah There Still Opportunities for Suryadharma Ali )
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Amora said the issue should be resolved according to the party constitution Kaaba . Denggan so , solidarity and the greatness of the party can be maintained . "The party should keep this . Spectacle order not to be an outsider , " he said . ( Read : Suryadharma Ali : Do I Uninstall My Rapimnas )

West Sumatra PPP will wait for reconciliation in the PPP . Because, said Amora , which should invite the leaders of the meeting was the chairman and secretary general .

Amora itself does not come in a leadership conference organized by the secretary -general is not aware of any invitation for a meeting . " I have not checked in the office of the invitation . Counting I was focused , " he said .

Chairman PPP DPW West Sumatra Epyardi Asda declined to comment when contacted by Tempo . " There's my wife's birthday party at the summit , " he said when contacted on Sunday , 20 April 2014 .

While Treasurer Yuliarwan West Sumatra branch of the PPP said the board has not adopted a policy area over the chaos that occurred at the central level . " We have not been meeting . Because they concentrate in the legislative election results , " he said .



Jumat, 18 April 2014

Vice Principal of the South Ferry Passengers Reported Suicide

Vice-principals who have contributed to the Ferry passengers dimayoritasi Sewol that the high school students , is reported to have committed suicide . These events revealed by local police on Friday ( 18/4 ) .

Quoted by Reuters on Friday ( 18/4 ) , police said , Kang Min - gyu has been missing since Thursday ( 17/4 ) . The news was reported by Kang loss of his fellow teachers . Suspected , it wakepsek committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt .

Location suspicion wakepsek the suicide that was allegedly carried out not far from the gymnasium building , a place of refuge for ships passengers had been evacuated , in the City of Jindo . But suspicions related suicide 52-year -old man , police said , is still under investigation . Therefore , Kang did not leave a record of death .

Another strong reason Kang suicide was caused by his nervous breakdown in anticipation . Kang frustrating , because the fate of hundreds of his students who do not clear up to now . To date , hundreds of high school students that Seoul origin , remain missing .
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Meanwhile , Kang is one of the rescued passengers Sewol among hundreds of other passengers , on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) . Until now, the rescue team the sinking of a ferry that originally wanted to go to Jeju Island , said the death toll amounted to 28 people . Officials also said , from a total of 475 passenger ships , as many as 179 were rescued her .



Rabu, 16 April 2014

'I am still the Chairman of the PPP'

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) United Development Party ( PPP ) of East Java , Musyafak Noer claimed to have received a letter of dismissal .
" Until now I am still the Chairman of the PPP Java and assess the decree was bulging , " said Musyafak , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

Previously , circulated a letter of dismissal to some PPP cadres . The letter was signed by the chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) and Wasekjen Syaifullah Tamliha .
In the decree , the deputy chairman Suharso Monoarfa who also served public housing minister also dismissed .

Then , there are also names four DPW Chairman of PPP who was fired . Namely West Java branch of the PPP Chairman Rahmat Yasin , Chairman PPP branch Fadli Nursal North Sumatra , East Java Regional Council Chairman Musyafa ' Noer , and Chairman of the South Sulawesi branch of the PPP Amir Uskara .

Dismissal because they reportedly had protested through a motion of no confidence against the SDA for attending campaign Gerindra pileg campaign last season .

Musyafa ' claim to be surprised by the contents of the decree . Since it is not signed by the secretary general M Rohmahurmuzy . As well as the party rules stated that if there is then it should be appropriate dismissal procedures apply .

" As the world dies , resigns and there is gross violation of the party . So , violation of my where ? , " He said
He admitted to not going to flinch against the dismissal . Because he felt as a leader who gets the mandate of all DPC and ecclesiastic party .

" We will also coordinate with all PPP officials in East Java . , But then again , until now I am still chairman of the PPP in East Java , " he said .
Meanwhile , Chairman of the Council of Islamic PPP as confirmed by cell phone , KH Nur Iskandar party issued a decree confirming the dismissal of some DPW Chairman .

According to him , step Musyafa ' Noer Cs assessed a gross violation and there should be a firm decision .
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" This has been the party's decision . Please go to the DPP 's office to clarify and no need for resistance . Thing needed now is for introspection , " he said .



Fingerprint scanner Samsung Galaxy S5 Easily deceived!

Just a few days after the release date , the Samsung Galaxy S5 overwritten dreadful news about data security vulnerability that can be " uprooted " from the fingerprint scanner .

Reporting from phonearena , security theme is a theme that is relatively common and sensitive , considering all the data the user wants security guarantees their privacy .

This stems from a video tutorial on YouTube , which includes a tutorial on the subject of a user SRLabs Samsung Galaxy S5 is " manipulating " fingerprint and a fingerprint scanner hacked Samsung Galaxy S5 , even Paypal ! In the video, shows TouchID sensor to unlock the phone by swiping a fingerprint in the fingerprint panel at the bottom of the screen .
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In the video the user ran a sort of rubber material silikonyang previously been printed with the owner's fingerprints Samsung Galaxy S5 . And ... all open smoothly ! Do not stop there . The user may also enter the Paypal application , fingerprint scanning and inserting in it . And it worked again !

This is terrible news for Samsung . Especially the Galaxy S5 being intensively promoted by Samsung in the global market . Indeed , the level of difficulty in obtaining the user's fingerprint is still difficult , because inevitably you have to secretly take the fingerprint sample . Hackers need to know which finger to use , then get the fingerprints , and create " artificial fingerprints " as shown in the video . From there, he went allow access to the device without ever needing to enter a password .

In contrast to Apple, which still requires you to enter a password every time the device is rebooted . Worse, Samsung never need to enter a password when using the PayPal app , this also means terrible news for PayPal yours operated on Samsung Galaxy S5 .

In a statement to BGR , PayPal said that their service does not ever have access to fingerprint and only using cryptographic keys that are used for security . However, if your device is compromised, locking can be reset , and unfortunately Paypal may forget that the new locking settings generated using fingerprint scans from the same device .


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Senin, 14 April 2014

2 Killer Suspect in Thailand Navy Reduced

The Thai government assessed to cover up the disappearance of two Navy personnel who were allegedly killed by the fishermen of Thailand on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 last . ( Read : Two Killed Navy , 9 Fishermen Suspect Thailand )

Head of Public Information Sub Navy Colonel Suradi said of the Thai government information , the number of fishermen who caught changing. "I was 12 , and then run away so stay nine people , then run away again and now only seven people , " said Suradi Tempo on Sunday evening , April 13, 2014. " It seems like there is a cover-up . "
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According Suradi , the Thai government deliberately covering up crimes committed by foreign nationals because the elephant was worried received international sanctions . Therefore , the fishermen had entered Indonesian waters illegally . "If the fishing vessel that had his name legally so KM ( motor boats ) , while the ship was found without a name , " he said .

Navy has sent a letter to the Thai government to ask the development of a second search of the missing Navy . Until now , said Suradi , there has been no information from Thai authorities particulars of the search results . They lost in the Natuna Sea is Sergeant Major Alfriansyah and Navy employee named Edi .

Suradi say do not know how long the search by the Navy and Thai Navy will continue to take place . " We are waiting for an official letter from the Thai government , " he said .


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