Rabu, 16 April 2014

'I am still the Chairman of the PPP'

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) United Development Party ( PPP ) of East Java , Musyafak Noer claimed to have received a letter of dismissal .
" Until now I am still the Chairman of the PPP Java and assess the decree was bulging , " said Musyafak , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

Previously , circulated a letter of dismissal to some PPP cadres . The letter was signed by the chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) and Wasekjen Syaifullah Tamliha .
In the decree , the deputy chairman Suharso Monoarfa who also served public housing minister also dismissed .

Then , there are also names four DPW Chairman of PPP who was fired . Namely West Java branch of the PPP Chairman Rahmat Yasin , Chairman PPP branch Fadli Nursal North Sumatra , East Java Regional Council Chairman Musyafa ' Noer , and Chairman of the South Sulawesi branch of the PPP Amir Uskara .

Dismissal because they reportedly had protested through a motion of no confidence against the SDA for attending campaign Gerindra pileg campaign last season .

Musyafa ' claim to be surprised by the contents of the decree . Since it is not signed by the secretary general M Rohmahurmuzy . As well as the party rules stated that if there is then it should be appropriate dismissal procedures apply .

" As the world dies , resigns and there is gross violation of the party . So , violation of my where ? , " He said
He admitted to not going to flinch against the dismissal . Because he felt as a leader who gets the mandate of all DPC and ecclesiastic party .

" We will also coordinate with all PPP officials in East Java . , But then again , until now I am still chairman of the PPP in East Java , " he said .
Meanwhile , Chairman of the Council of Islamic PPP as confirmed by cell phone , KH Nur Iskandar party issued a decree confirming the dismissal of some DPW Chairman .

According to him , step Musyafa ' Noer Cs assessed a gross violation and there should be a firm decision .
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" This has been the party's decision . Please go to the DPP 's office to clarify and no need for resistance . Thing needed now is for introspection , " he said .



Fingerprint scanner Samsung Galaxy S5 Easily deceived!

Just a few days after the release date , the Samsung Galaxy S5 overwritten dreadful news about data security vulnerability that can be " uprooted " from the fingerprint scanner .

Reporting from phonearena , security theme is a theme that is relatively common and sensitive , considering all the data the user wants security guarantees their privacy .

This stems from a video tutorial on YouTube , which includes a tutorial on the subject of a user SRLabs Samsung Galaxy S5 is " manipulating " fingerprint and a fingerprint scanner hacked Samsung Galaxy S5 , even Paypal ! In the video, shows TouchID sensor to unlock the phone by swiping a fingerprint in the fingerprint panel at the bottom of the screen .
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In the video the user ran a sort of rubber material silikonyang previously been printed with the owner's fingerprints Samsung Galaxy S5 . And ... all open smoothly ! Do not stop there . The user may also enter the Paypal application , fingerprint scanning and inserting in it . And it worked again !

This is terrible news for Samsung . Especially the Galaxy S5 being intensively promoted by Samsung in the global market . Indeed , the level of difficulty in obtaining the user's fingerprint is still difficult , because inevitably you have to secretly take the fingerprint sample . Hackers need to know which finger to use , then get the fingerprints , and create " artificial fingerprints " as shown in the video . From there, he went allow access to the device without ever needing to enter a password .

In contrast to Apple, which still requires you to enter a password every time the device is rebooted . Worse, Samsung never need to enter a password when using the PayPal app , this also means terrible news for PayPal yours operated on Samsung Galaxy S5 .

In a statement to BGR , PayPal said that their service does not ever have access to fingerprint and only using cryptographic keys that are used for security . However, if your device is compromised, locking can be reset , and unfortunately Paypal may forget that the new locking settings generated using fingerprint scans from the same device .


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Senin, 14 April 2014

2 Killer Suspect in Thailand Navy Reduced

The Thai government assessed to cover up the disappearance of two Navy personnel who were allegedly killed by the fishermen of Thailand on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 last . ( Read : Two Killed Navy , 9 Fishermen Suspect Thailand )

Head of Public Information Sub Navy Colonel Suradi said of the Thai government information , the number of fishermen who caught changing. "I was 12 , and then run away so stay nine people , then run away again and now only seven people , " said Suradi Tempo on Sunday evening , April 13, 2014. " It seems like there is a cover-up . "
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According Suradi , the Thai government deliberately covering up crimes committed by foreign nationals because the elephant was worried received international sanctions . Therefore , the fishermen had entered Indonesian waters illegally . "If the fishing vessel that had his name legally so KM ( motor boats ) , while the ship was found without a name , " he said .

Navy has sent a letter to the Thai government to ask the development of a second search of the missing Navy . Until now , said Suradi , there has been no information from Thai authorities particulars of the search results . They lost in the Natuna Sea is Sergeant Major Alfriansyah and Navy employee named Edi .

Suradi say do not know how long the search by the Navy and Thai Navy will continue to take place . " We are waiting for an official letter from the Thai government , " he said .


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Minggu, 13 April 2014

37 Days Disappear, The Black Box MH370 Battery Out?

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared more than a month ago , is still never tracked . Outstanding concerns that the plane carrying 239 passengers it will never be found because the black box may have run out of battery .

" This tragedy has been going on for 37 days . The battery life is supposed to last for 40 days , and already 5 days since the last signal detection , " explained technical director Dukane Seacom , Jeff Densmore as reported by CNN , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Densmore said it has helped the search team to interpret the data from the audio signal that was recently discovered in the South Indian Ocean , where the plane is thought to have when it reaches the end of its fuel supply .
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While the former Royal Air Force pilot , Lt. Col. Michael Kay told CNN , a search team may have to give up hunting with ping - er search and switch to sonar . " We know that the battery will last between 30 and 40 days , " he explained .

MH370 who disappeared on his way to Beijing was expected to fly at an altitude of 45 thousand to 10 thousand feet above normal height , before falling just below five thousand feet . A source said , drastic maneuvers performed by the aircraft was intentionally done to avoid radar before disappearing .

" The aircraft flown so high and then suddenly become very low in order to avoid radar , " explained the source .

Some signals have been detected in the waters of the Indian Ocean which is believed to be where the end of the flight Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) MH370 . Prime Minister ( PM ) of Australia Tony Abbott is very confident that the signals coming from the plane's black box is missing on March 8 .

However, PM Abbott warned that debris can search continues for a long time . He said that , although the MH370 aircraft was located at the bottom of the ocean that makes the search area in the Indian Ocean , it's a task that Boys .

" It ( the search ) will likely continue for a long time , " Abbott said as reported by CNN , Saturday ( 12/4 ) .


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Jumat, 11 April 2014

PPP Performance in 2014: Blame environmental factors

United Development Party ( PPP ) is the result of a combination of four religious parties , the Party of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , United Islamic Party of Indonesia ( PSII ) , Perti and Parmusi . The party following the first election in 1977, and has always been in second .

After the end of the New Order , the party returned following the 1999 elections and managed to be in the fourth position with the acquisition of 11,329,905 or 10.71 percent of the national vote and got 58 seats in the House . In the 2004 elections , the PPP back in fourth position with the acquisition of 9,226,444 or 8.16 percent of the national vote , and got 58 seats in the House .

With this capital , PPP brings confidence presidential and vice presidential spouse Hamzah Haz - Agum Gumelar . But the pair did not make it through to the second round because only able to reach 3,276,001 ( 13.05 percent ) and finished last of five pairs of candidates there .

While the 2009 elections , the PPP slipped to 5,544,332 votes ( 5.33 percent ) and only got 38 seats in the House because it was in the sixth. In the 2009 Presidential election , the party leader Ali Suryadharma is also not capable of carrying the candidate and chose a coalition to support SBY - Boediono .

Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali grateful and disappointed , seeing the results of the legislative elections that just passed . Therefore , the results of a quick count of PPP occupies the seventh position with a range of seven percent of the vote .

" If you look at a quick count , I am grateful and disappointed . Grateful because some pollsters predicted that states will not be able to PPP in the parliamentary threshold , in fact, come in, " said the man who is familiarly called the natural resources in the Office of the Vice President , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/9 ) .

While the disappointment arises because of the initial target of 12 percent , the PPP is only able to gain a voice in the range of seven percent .

" There is a potential rose , from 5.3 percent to 6.1 percent or 5.3 percent to seven percent , it is no increase . Nah disappointment , it targets 12 percent , was achieved , " he said simply .

SDA suspect , did not meet the target the party vote can not be separated from the conditions and situations that occur in various locations . Not only that , the number of parties contesting in the elections is also a reason .
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" Many , for example, a change in conditions , environmental changes , so yes , then the party machinery so many competitors , " he concluded .



Kamis, 10 April 2014

UGM Students terjunkan 276 KKN-PPM

A total of 276 students from 15 faculties GMU KKN - PPM program in semester 2 in 2013/2014 . The students were from the Faculty of Biology , Economics and Business , Pharmacy , Geography , Law , Humanities, Social and Political Sciences , Medicine , Veterinary Medicine , Forestry , Mathematics , Agriculture , Animal Husbandry , Psychology and Engineering .

Deputy Head of Service LPPM Ir Irfan Dwidya Prijambada MEng PhD explains , KKN - PPM UGM program this time consists of several themes . Namely " Natural Resource Management " , " Improving Public Health " , " Increasing Agricultural Production " , and " Fisheries , Livestock and Forestry " . In KKN - PPM implementation , there are also six foreign students from GMU partners .
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" Foreign students were five from Australia and one from Germany , " he said while giving a report on the release of student participants KKN - PPM UGM Hall , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

Students participating in the KKN - PPM will follow operations from 11 April to 30 May 2014 in 3 provinces , districts 6 and 8 districts . The three provinces namely DIY , Southeast Sulawesi , and East Java .
" Later they will be joined by faculty from six colleges and Vocational School , " he added .

Meanwhile LPPM Chairman who is also Vice Chancellor for Research and Community Service , Prof. Dr. Suratman MSc hope that when students are in the field could carry the mission of GMU , which serve the community .

Before the nation's leaders so you have to serve the community first , " he said .
He said that KKN - PPM UGM program is also expected to foster and to teach the students to be independent . With the knowledge and skills possessed by students can contribute to advancing the nation . For that to make the program run smoothly CCN first talked about the potential and the program will be implemented .

" The principle is not to be CCN - Klanthung Klonthang spoofed into Idle . Map and the potential for beneficial programs , " the message .

At the briefing and release of KKN - PPM students Semester 2 Year 2013/2014 is symbolically hat pinned to the student representatives and field supervisor ( DPL ) . They are Grace Skehan ( University of Queensland ) , Oky Ardian ( Faculty of Medicine ) , Ir Budi Kamulyan MEng ( Faculty of Engineering ) , and Iswari Nur Hidayati MSc ( Faculty of Geography ) .



Rabu, 09 April 2014

Hackers Attack Websites Palembang Immigration Office

Website Immigration Office Class I Palembang is located at http://palembang.imigrasi.go.id hackers attacked . View the website of the government agency to turn black to show posts Hacked By SEYTANAUYDUM _ .
Then displayed on the bottom line , " K ? Smet etmis Mevla ise ; el getirir , slogans getirir , getirir cells . K ? Smet etmez Mevla ise ; el goturur , slogans goturur , goturur cells . Hacked By SeytanaUydum & Th3Sehzade & Greet 's Mischievous To ; b3yaz.org & TurkeySecurity.org theseytanauydum@gmail.com - Gallipoli Campaign March 18 , 1915.

Head of Immigration Office Palembang Widyantoro Bogi also confirmed the hacker attack that changed the look of the website http://palembang.imigrasi.go.id .

" Our website is having problems , there are attacks that alter the appearance websiter , " he said in Palembang , Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

Seen from the display to change the Immigration Office website page Palembang , the alleged perpetrators from outside Indonesia . Of words read on the website , which displayed a Turkish language or words .
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According Bogi , now being carried out repairs of the website . Although hackers attacked , activities at the Immigration Office Palembang continue to run normally . Queue of people who want to make a new passport also looks long .

" Although the website is in trouble all the activities in the office is not problematic . Residents can still make a passport or passport extend by coming directly to the Immigration Office Palembang , " says Bogi .


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